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Walk-In Clinic

Seacoast Medical Associates

Primary Care Practice located in Newburyport, MA

If you wake up sick, you deserve to be seen right away. At Seacoast Medical Associates, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, our patients can visit our walk-in Morning Sick Clinic, Monday through Friday, 7:45 am to 8:45 am. You may wake up coughing, sneezing, or with a sore throat. Sometimes allergies are acting up, weekend warrior ankles swell, or rashes appear. These conditions may not be serious, but they most certainly are aggravating. That's why our patients have walk-in access to our morning sick clinic. Please do not use walk-in hours for routine matters like prescription refills, referrals, forms, etc. This takes times away from our acutely ill patients.

Walk-In Clinic Q & A

Should I go to a walk-in clinic or a local emergency room?

Patients experiencing a life-threatening emergency should seek care in a local emergency room. Signs and symptoms of a life-threatening emergency include hemorrhage (uncontrolled, profuse bleeding), loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, chest pain, numbness on one side of the face or body, or sudden loss of function (vision, speech, bladder control, and more).

Which illnesses or injuries can be treated at a walk-in clinic?

People suffering from minor illness or injury, but don’t want the wait or cost associated with an emergency room visit consider treatment at a walk-in clinic. The experienced caretakers at Seacoast Medical Associates treat a number of illnesses and ailments at the walk-in clinic, including but not limited to:

  • colds
  • stomach flu
  • rashes
  • fever
  • skin problems
  • allergies
  • strep throat
  • ear infections
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • influenza
  • back pain
  • urinary tract infections

What if follow-up treatment or evaluations are required?

Some patients seen at the walk-in clinic should seek follow-up treatment or evaluation from their primary care provider. In these cases, patients schedule a follow-up appointment before they leave the walk-in clinic.

Can diagnostic tests be done in the walk-in clinic?

Seacoast Medical Associates conducts both lab tests and x-rays at Anna Jaques Hospital.

Does insurance cover walk-in clinic appointments?

Insurance coverage depends on the contract between the insurer and the policyholder. Walk-in clinic visits are generally classified as office visits and covered as such. Patients learn more about their insurance coverage by contacting their insurer in advance to request coverage information.

How long is the wait at the walk-in clinic?

Most patients wait 15-30 minutes to be seen, but wait times vary depending on patient volume. Patients with scheduling restrictions call to schedule an appointment or to find out the current wait time for walk-in patients.