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Diabetes Specialists

Seacoast Medical Associates

Primary Care Practice & Weight Loss Specialist located in Newburyport, MA

Looking for help with your type 1 or type 2 diabetes? The experienced providers at Seacoast Medical Associates, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, have extensive experience in diagnosing and managing patients with diabetes. We believe that diet, exercise and weight management are the most important approaches for the care and cure of patients with diabetes.

Diabetes Q & A

Is a specialist required for diabetes treatment?

When diabetes is well-managed, primary care physicians often successfully treat it. On the other hand, if the patient has brittle diabetes or diabetic complications, they may need to consult a specialist. At Seacoast Medical Associates, patients see qualified specialists when their condition requires specialized diagnosis or treatment, including wounds that don’t heal, circulation problems, vision problems, or kidney problems.

Can diabetes be cured?

Type 2 diabetes in overweight patients often goes away with lifestyle changes, like diet modification and exercise. Once the patient achieves a healthy weight and lifestyle, the medical professionals at Seacoast Medical Associates may suggest discontinuing medications. However, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, which requires close management throughout the patient’s lifetime.

How often do diabetics need to be seen in the clinic?

Doctor visits vary on the patient’s individual needs, and the qualified staff at Seacoast Medical Associates determine this using the unique circumstances surrounding the patient’s condition. For example, brittle diabetics may require closer monitoring and more frequent assessment, while patients who manage their diabetes may be seen less often. Most patients do require routine lab work.

Who cares for diabetics when hospitalized?

The healthcare providers at Seacoast Medical Associates visit, oversee patients during their hospital stay, and collaborate with hospital staff and other specialists if required. Electronic medical records allow the hospital to easily transfer information about the patient’s hospital stay, test results, and changes in treatment to the patient’s primary care provider.

Should I go to an emergency room instead of the walk-in clinic?

Patients experiencing a life-threatening emergency should go to the local emergency room instead of the walk-in clinic. Signs and symptoms of a life-threatening emergency include loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, chest pain, or hemorrhage. Call Seacoast Medical Associates or schedule an appointment online!