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Primary Care

Seacoast Medical Associates

Primary Care Practice & Weight Loss Specialist located in Newburyport, MA

Seacoast Medical Associates provides adult primary care services through their clinic and walk-in clinic. Primary care physicians care for the whole patient and treat a wide array of illnesses, injuries, and disorders. The experienced healthcare providers at Seacoast Medical Associates serve residents in and around Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Primary Care Q & A

Does every patient need a primary care provider?

While most patients visit a specialist at some point in their lives, maintaining a relationship with a primary care provider proves very important. Primary care providers evaluate and treat the whole patient, coordinate and monitor care between any specialists, and ensure the patient’s long-term health and wellness. A primary care provider also ensures the patient can see a provider who’s familiar with them and their medical history when common illnesses and injuries arise.

How does the primary care provider interact with a specialist?

Primary care providers identify when specialized diagnosis and treatment are required, refer the patient to a trusted specialist, and often manage the patient’s treatment plan following their visit with the specialist. The primary care provider may order or provide ongoing lab tests, vitals screenings, or medication renewals. With the patient’s permission, the primary care provider receives and reviews information from the specialist. The care providers at Seacoast Medical Associates also answer questions for the patient and consider other impacts of the diagnosis.

How do primary care providers stay involved when a patient is hospitalized?

Although Seacoast Medical Associates is a privately-owned clinic, the providers visit their patients in the hospital to monitor their condition, answer their questions, and oversee their care and treatment.

Can diagnostic tests be done in the clinic?

The healthcare providers at Seacoast Medical Associates conduct most diagnostic tests at the clinic, including lab tests and x-rays. More specialized diagnostic testing takes place in a hospital or other diagnostic facility. The providers and staff at Seacoast Medical Associates always consider patient convenience, so efforts are made to coordinate care. Call Seacoast Medical Associates or schedule an appointment online to see one of our primary care physicians today! The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most forms of insurance.